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1600 patriots marched through Salem [2002-12-07]

Salem/Sweden. Two years have passed since the tragic loss of a Swedish patriot, Daniel Wretström, who was brutally slain by a mob of immigrants. Two years in a row Swedish patriots have heard the calling and gathered to honour the memory of a fallen comrade. This year was no exception.

Several months before the annual march, leftwing communists and anarchists made an effort to mobilize a massive counterdemonstration in order to stop the memorial march through Salem. An similar attempt to block the march was made last year, their massive mobilization collapsed and only 300 masked misfits tried to hold the train station until police dragged them away – approximately two hours before patriots even started to arrive. This year though, an “unified” leftwing promised to totally stop the march and make Salem a “Nazi-free Zone”.

The police had granted permission for both sides to manifest in Salem – the patriots against brutal and anti-Swedish violence. The reds demonstration cheered the murder of young Wretström, screaming for more Swedish blood.

The organizers of the march, Salemfonden, a political and ideological neutral fund which purpose is to raise money for the march and the wide information campaigns, have made Daniels destiny and the situation in the Swedish suburbs well known throughout Europe and the world. Salemfondens website (www.salemfonden.info) has been translated into no less then 16 different languages – this has generated a massive response from comrades all over Europe.

And so, on the evening of the 7th December, patriots from all over the nation left their homes and workplaces to travel to Salem, a dark suburb of Stockholm, to honour for them a unknown young boy who bled to death on the side of the road two years ago. Brave comrades from, among other countries, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, England, Switzerland and France also travelled long distances to honour Daniel Wretström.

As patriots started to flow in on the left-hand side of the train station in Rönninge, the small communist “blockade” on the other side of the rails got more and more quiet, until absolute silence – the patriots had arrived in Salem. The long formations rolled up and down on the parking lot and small roads around the station. More than 1600 patriots had gathered. Each person was provided with a torch, and slowly the raised torches were lit and a spectacular show of unity and discipline was on display for the nation and the world to see.

Slowly the firing torches started to move, lead by friends and relatives of Daniel and wreaths of the represented organizations and parties, towards the bus stop where Daniel was beaten and stabbed to death. On the place of the murder a large podium were rigged, revealing a proud rune of life as a mark of the place where Swedish blood was spilled on Swedish soil, the place where the multicultural society craved yet another victim.

As the flowers and wreaths covered the wooden podium, people gathered around the rigged truck from which speeches where held to the masses. First out was Robert Almgren who welcomed the crowd and introduced the first speaker, Angelina, Daniels cousin, who held an emotional speech about her own impressions of Daniel and how she felt when she received the message about her cousins death – as Angelina tried her best to keep the tears away filthy anarchists and communists danced and laughed that yet another patriot was slaughtered...

Next out was Thomas Ölund from Blood & Honour. Thomas attacked the coward politicians and the deceiving media who carries the ultimate responsibility of the murder in Salem. Thomas was followed by Garreth Hurley from Final Conflict, England, who expressed his condolences to Daniels family and comrades.

Speeches were also held by Björn Björkqvist from National Socialist Front, Marc Abrahamsson from the Swedish National Democrats and Jonas DeGeer. Christian Worch from Germany also entered the scene and gave his condolences.

As the participants began to stand up in formations once again to walk back to the train station, we could state that Swedish patriots once again have carried out what the communists, politicians and media was out to stop – once again we marched through Salem and manifested our grief, sorrow and anger on the place where immigrants “thanked” Sweden for their hospitality.

We left Salem promising ourselves, our enemies and our martyrs that we will stand our grand the following year, that we will come to Salem and honour Daniel Wretströms memory. Next year even more patriots from Sweden and Europe will walk the same long, dark and cold path Daniel walked before Khaled Odeh slashed his throat and left him to bleed to death, alone in a cold ditch.

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"Daniel Wretströms eftermäle" är en minnesskiva tillägnad Daniel där en del av vinsten går till Salemfonden. Beställ skivan från Nordiska förlaget.

En av låtarna på skivan spelades även på minnesstunden för Daniel som hölls en vecka efter mordet. Låten, som heter Till minne av Daniel Wretström, kan du lyssna på genom att [ klicka här ]

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