The murder of Daniel

Pictures from previous years

Over 2000 patriots manifested in Salem

Three years ago, young Daniel Wretström was savagly murdered by an multiracial mob in Salem , a dark suburb to Stockholm. Daniel Wretström, only 17 years old, was murdered because he was Swedish. Only a week later about a thousand comrades gathered in his memory.

The gathering quickly became a traditional event, not just for the Swedish patriots as for Scandinavia and northern Europe. In 2001 nearly 1200 patriots gathered. In 2002 the numbers reached 1600 – This was without doubt the largest nationalist gathering in Sweden since the second world war, Swedes had made it a tradition to leave their homes, schools and workplace the first weekend in December and despite snow and sever cold travel across the nation to honour a fallen brother.

This was the fourth manifestation and it exceeded all expectations. For months the manifestation was preceded by an massive informationcampaign, hundreds of thousands flyers, stickers and posters was across the nation – making everyone aware of the event. The conductur of this massive campaign was Salemfonden, a political neutral fund for Daniel Wretström, and the sole organizer of the march.

And just as the earlier years a twisted alliance of communists, anarchists, democrats and immigrants mobilized their rank and file in order to stop the manifestation. Last year their “massive” mobilization ended up in a few hundred masked anarchists whom was easily controlled by the police. This year was no exception.

The counter-demonstration, arranged by the umbrella organization Network Against Racism, NMR, gathered no more than 6-700 masked and armed anarchists, their noble demonstration ended up in violent riots against the police in less than an hour.

On the other side of the train station, separating good from evil, crowds of patriots started to assemble. Train after train arrived to the station loaded with participating Swedes. An event this large demand great organization, and as the earlier years Salemfonden supplied an equipped security- and functionary-staff who helped arriving people organize formations, all in all over 2000 patriots gathered.

In the front of the impressive train the wreaths and garlands of flowers where carried by Daniels comrades and relatives as well as representatives of nationalist organisations in Sweden , led by the muffled sound of the drummers. As the torches started to lit up it was time to march. Silent, respectful and disciplined the participators started to move in tact to the drums. People from Sweden , Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, England, Italy, France, Switzerland, Finland and Austria in union against the multiracial madness who craved not just Daniel Wretströms young life, but hundreds of thousands alike worldwide.

The torchlight procession displayed total silence and the lighted torches lit up the grim expression of more than 2000 men and women who had follow their heart all the way to Salem . Along the route people stood and watch the procession, in contrast to the left-wing desecrators you could stand and watch our manifestation without getting a bottle or a stone in the face.

Half an hour later the front of the procession behold the almost four meter tall rune of life witch marks the spot where Daniel Wretström was murdered three years ago. A large podium was built on the spot, soon the podium was covered in flowers and candles and people proceed to assemble in front of the scene from witch speeches was to be held. First out was Salemfondens master of ceremonies, Robert Vesterlund, who welcomed the massive crowd and introduced the first speaker Jonas De Geer.

Speeches where also held by Thomas Öhlund from Blood and Honour, Tor Paulsson from Nationaldemokraterna, Anders Ärleskog from Nationalsocialistisk Front and Magnus Söderman from Svenska Motståndsrörelsen. Also Daniels cousin Angelina and friend Evelin held emotional speeches about their Daniel Wretström. Garreth Hurley from British magazine Final Conflict and German activist Mika also addressed the crowd.

This marks the fourth successful manifestation in Salem , this marks the fourth time patriots travel to Salem to express their sympathy and sorrow for Daniel Wretström – but also to send a signal to Daniels true murderers – the media and the traitorous politicians, some of who even participated in the communist celebrations of the murder. We will never forget, we will never forgive, neither Daniel Wretström nor any of the other thousands victims of the regimes experiments on our nations, on our folk.

As the speeches where finished participators lined up in formation once again to walk back to the train station, we could easily state that we had once again accomplished our goals, once again communist rioters had fail tremendous. The communists way of tackling their own defeats is a frightening and repulsive act, last year a gang of anarchists attacked and assaulted a nationalist family on the train. An especially severe assault where neither women, children or animals where spared. This year they burned down a patriots mansion on their way home.

None of this, however, will stop patriots from gathering next year, and the year after that. We will never cave in, and with the ambition to be even more participators next December we left Salem , for now.

See you in Salem 2004.

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